“TROY & KATHLEEN BILLINGS both have very inviting personalities. In fact, I was so moved by their talk that I continued to keep in touch with them and went to visit them. They truly are people of their word – their entire family is just as amazing as they are!  Troy and Kathleen gave an engaging talk at our parish about how marriage is like a dance. Couples take turns leading during different phases of life, but the most important thing is to constantly keep their eyes focused on God. They have a dynamic approach to techniques that can help couples re-engage with their marriage.”— Sara Graf – INDIANA 

 “TROY & KATHLEEN BILLINGS spoke for our annual Cana Dinner for married and engaged couples. In getting to know them, we were struck by how relatable and approachable they are. Through their talk “Stay Engaged in your Marriage: Date Your Spouse”, they clearly expressed their own challenges they have faced throughout their marriage, providing hope to those in similar situations. They truly exemplified what it means to trust in God with each situation, good and bad. We were honored to have them speak at our parish and hope others have the opportunity to hear their story!” – Emily and Karl Zabinski, St. John the Baptist Catholic Church – MINNESOTA

“TROY & KATHLEEN BILLINGS have a great desire to help couples grow in their marriage according to Christ and His Church.  Because they are down to earth and honest about their own struggles in marriage they can really speak to couples who share those struggles.”  – Fr. Mark Chrismer, St. Joseph Catholic Church – MISSOURI

“I have had the privilege of knowing and ministering with KATHLEEN BILLINGS for a number of years, as she and her husband, TROY, have shared their thought-filled insights for the Lord.  Kathleen lives what she speaks and so beautifully invites others to join her in this journey of faith.  She is both practical and inspiring.  It is with great confidence in her message and the enthusiasm in which she shares it, that I have no hesitation recommending her for your event.” – Lorrie Gramer, President- Marriage Building USA, Past President of the National Association of Catholic Family Life Ministers – ILLINOIS

“KATHLEEN BILLINGS is able to speak to the issues that married couples face in a faith-filled manner.   She draws from our Catholic tradition in order to provide a message that is uplifting, hopeful, and rooted in the Lord and the teachings of the Church.” – Rev. Monsignor Stephen J. Knox, St. Patrick Catholic Church – ILLINOIS

“I had the pleasure of meeting KATHLEEN BILLINGS and hearing her speak at the Sheridan, WY Fall Deanery meeting.  She was truly an inspiration to listen to and Christ’s light most obviously shines through her! She reminds us that, no matter what stage of life we are in -God is there guiding us.  Kathleen’s knowledge of Catholic traditions and her faith filled life – inspired us all!  Our Deanery meeting was a beautiful, faith filled Fall day and we were blessed to have the opportunity to hear Kathleen speak and share her personal stories with us. She is a woman that practices what she preaches!”  – Lorri McBrayer,  Deanery President – WYOMING

“The Ministry of Mother’s Sharing (MOMS) at St. Francis in Frisco was blessed to have KATHLEEN BILLINGS speak to us. Her talks “Making Sense Out of Suffering” and “Date Your Spouse-Staying Engaged in Your Marriage” were inspiring, relatable and authentically Catholic. She brought messages we needed and wanted to hear. The best part about having her with us for several days to deliver multiple talks was the chance to get to know her personally. She is an absolute delight!”  – Amanda Ward, St. Francis Catholic Church – TEXAS

“What a treasure is found in KATHLEEN BILLINGS! With great joy and conviction, she conveys truths of the Catholic Faith, offering numerous, applicable ways of living those truths in everyday circumstances of marriage and family life. If you are looking for a solid witness to a lived faith who will inspire your parishioners, Kathleen is that witness!” – Julia Mead, Director of Religious Education, St Louis Catholic Church – ILLINOIS

 “TROY & KATHLEEN BILLINGS graciously traveled to Resurrection Catholic Church in Jacksonville, FL to speak at our annual “Day for Couples” event. The theme was “The Heart and Head of Marriage – Dancing as One.” Their presentation was very engaging and heartwarming, as they discussed their beautiful journey together despite the curveballs on their path. They perfectly tied into their presentation the sequencing of dance moves to the topic of marital commitment.  They truly blessed our event with their commitment to us; especially in the pandemic.” – Patricia Fechtel – FLORIDA

“Authentic healing always involves integration. For this reason I am truly grateful KATHLEEN BILLINGS came to speak to the women at our parish on the topic of Advent this year for our Women’s Advent by Candlelight. Rooted in Christ, her ability to integrate insights, virtues, spirituality, personal testimony, scripture, church teaching, and practical advice into a single talk, resulted in an experience for the women, I have no doubt, which was truly one of healing.”

– Fr. Max Behna, St. Michael Catholic Church – ILLINOIS

“I am truly so grateful to have had Mrs. Billings as a guest speaker at my high school’s pro-life club apologetics panel regarding how to respond to abortionist advocates. Mrs. Billings was a great part of the panel because of her knowledge of her Catholic faith and her ability to connect with and guide high school teens. She shared many relevant personal stories that truly enhanced the panel discussion. The Lifesavers Club and all those present were truly grateful and blessed to have such a wonderful guest speaker for this first annual event.”  – Ally Tippett, Lifesavers Club President at Rosary High School – ILLINOIS

“It was a great joy to have KATHLEEN BILLINGS speak to our Religious Education Program parents on the topic of Christian parenting! Her words were both practical and helpful and were presented with joy.” – Fr. Matthew DeBlock, St. Catherine of Siena Catholic Church – ILLINOIS

“By placing Christ at the center of her life, KATHLEEN BILLINGS inspires us to become better woman, wives, and mothers. Through her personal story, she encourages us to deepen our relationship with Christ, while illustrating a peace and strength that can only come from Our Lord.” – Tracie Otero, St. Patrick Catholic Church – ILLINOIS

“It is rare to find someone who truly practices what she preaches, but that is KATHLEEN BILLINGS.  When Christ’s light shines in someone, you are attracted to that light.  Through life’s ups and downs, Kathleen maintains the light of Christ’s love shining in her soul.  It is obvious that she longs to do God’s will and is sincere and generous in sharing her experiences, knowledge, and expertise to help others in their faith journey.  In listening to her talk, I was reminded to tend to my own soul as to allow Christ’s light to better shine through me. ”  – Lisa Anticevich, St. Patrick Catholic Church – ILLINOIS

“I have had the opportunity to hear KATHLEEN BILLINGS speak on several topics. She is wonderful at relating her personal experiences to her subject matter in a way that is both vulnerable and endearing. Kathleen provides inspiring examples of how we all can live our Catholic faith in ways that solidify our love for Christ and His Church.”

– Lori Zink, CCW President, St. John the Baptist Catholic Church – WYOMING

“KATHLEEN BILLINGS’ talks at our women’s deanery day for CCW were touching in her personal stories of faith and family.  Her Catholicism shines forth in how she lives her life and raises her family.  She was such a blessing to the women and priests present that day!” – Mary Ann Cummins, Past President of the Wyoming CCW / Member of the Nominating Committee of the National CCW – WYOMING