Our Book

Simply Love: Catholic Marriage Day by Day

by Troy and Kathleen Billings

“The Billings’ Simply Love: Catholic Marriage Day by Day blends saints’ quotes and a brief reflection to strengthen your marriage daily. It’s amazing how transformative each daily reflection can be, providing small incremental steps to move each day toward the marriage we long to have. Highly recommended.”

Kimberly Hahn, Catholic apologist and author

Troy and Kathleen Billings

“Improve your marriage, one day at a time! Kathleen and Troy Billings have created a do-able plan to help you grow in happiness and holiness each day of the year. Wisdom from the saints, brief reflections, and prompts toward prayer make up small, practical steps to help every couple grow in love as they make their way toward heaven.”

Danielle Bean, Author, podcaster, and founder of GirlfriendsCommunity.com

“People who have suffered and embraced the grace needed to rise out of pain speak the most powerful wisdom. Troy and Kathleen Billings have earned our respect as having that unique wisdom. In the pages of this book, the authors do not preach from a lofty place of perfection in marriage, but with the authority of living in the trenches of the demands of sacrificial love within the sacrament of matrimony. We believe authenticity and vulnerability are required for true intimacy. Troy and Kathleen offer the reader a glimpse into how to gracefully become more authentic and vulnerable within a marital relationship. If you apply their insights and prayer into your lives, you will improve the landscape of your interactions. They are not just attempting to transmit their own life lessons but are seeking to assist you in recognizing and transforming your own. After decades of ministry aimed at helping couples heal the wounds that divide them, we know that it is only through encountering the Almighty in prayer that we are knit together with clarity, grace, and unconditional love. Allow this book to be a springboard to prayer and you will witness the Holy Spirit taking you deeper into the direction of your sanctification.”

Bruce & Jeannie Hannemann, Founders of Elizabeth Ministry International, RECLAIM Sexual Health, and NAVIGATE Betrayal

“I’m grateful to Kathleen and Troy Billings for the reminder to place simple, loving prayer at the center of our marriage. Their lovely book Simply Love: Catholic Marriage Day by Day is a terrific compendium of saintly and scriptural wisdom, “real world” reflection, and heartfelt prayer. Whether you’re newlyweds or celebrating decades together, reach for the Billings’ book and savor it together!”

Lisa M. Hendey, Author of The Grace of Yes